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Gold Jewellery

Statement earrings are a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward individual. These bold and beautiful pieces are designed to draw attention and make a statement at any occasion. If you are looking to elevate your outfit and make a lasting impression, look no further than gold statement earrings. Read More

Gold plated in 24 carat gold, these earrings are both luxurious and timeless and would compliment your jewellery collection. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and finished in a beautiful gold texture, each pair of earrings is handcrafted by skilled artisans in the Middle East. Their dedication and skill shine through in every intricate design, ensuring that each earring is a unique work of art. When you choose to invest in these stunning pieces, not only are you adding a touch of elegance to your wardrobe, but you are also supporting traditional craftsmanship and fair trade. By purchasing these handcrafted earrings, you are directly contributing to the livelihoods of these talented artisans, helping to preserve their cultural heritage.

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Titli EarringsTitli Earrings
Titli Earrings Sale price£135.00 GBP
Ginkgo EarringsGinkgo Earrings
Ginkgo Earrings Sale price£135.00 GBP
Vine Short RingVine Short Ring
Vine Short Ring Sale price£75.00 GBP
Vine Grower RingVine Grower Ring
Vine Grower Ring Sale price£75.00 GBP
Verdant Arm CuffVerdant Arm Cuff
Verdant Arm Cuff Sale price£100.00 GBP
Trinity RingTrinity Ring
Trinity Ring Sale price£60.00 GBP
Trinity EarringsTrinity Earrings
Trinity Earrings Sale price£95.00 GBP
Trinity ChokerTrinity Choker
Trinity Choker Sale price£100.00 GBP
Titli Hair PinTitli Hair Pin
Titli Hair Pin Sale price£85.00 GBP
Starburst CuffStarburst Cuff
Starburst Cuff Sale price£115.00 GBP
Sepal Window Arm CuffSepal Window Arm Cuff
Sepal Window Arm Cuff Sale price£130.00 GBP
Roman Tandem RingRoman Tandem Ring
Roman Tandem Ring Sale price£70.00 GBP
Roman Parallel CuffRoman Parallel Cuff
Roman Parallel Cuff Sale price£110.00 GBP
Roman Odyssey CuffRoman Odyssey Cuff
Roman Odyssey Cuff Sale price£115.00 GBP
Roman Crossing CuffRoman Crossing Cuff
Roman Crossing Cuff Sale price£110.00 GBP
Purity RingPurity Ring
Purity Ring Sale price£95.00 GBP
Purity NecklacePurity Necklace
Purity Necklace Sale price£125.00 GBP
Purity EarringsPurity Earrings
Purity Earrings Sale price£110.00 GBP
Purity CuffPurity Cuff
Purity Cuff Sale price£110.00 GBP
Love Calligraphy RingLove Calligraphy Ring
Love Calligraphy Ring Sale price£80.00 GBP
Love Calligraphy CuffLove Calligraphy Cuff
Love Calligraphy Cuff Sale price£95.00 GBP
Lillian Ear CuffLillian Ear Cuff
Lillian Ear Cuff Sale price£120.00 GBP
Leaf Wrap RingLeaf Wrap Ring
Leaf Wrap Ring Sale price£75.00 GBP
Hibiscus NecklaceHibiscus Necklace
Hibiscus Necklace Sale price£160.00 GBP
Hibiscus EarringsHibiscus Earrings
Hibiscus Earrings Sale price£135.00 GBP
Hibiscus CuffHibiscus Cuff
Hibiscus Cuff Sale price£145.00 GBP
Ginkgo Sparkle CuffGinkgo Sparkle Cuff
Ginkgo Sparkle Cuff Sale price£140.00 GBP
Ginkgo NecklaceGinkgo Necklace
Ginkgo Necklace Sale price£170.00 GBP
Ginkgo CuffGinkgo Cuff
Ginkgo Cuff Sale price£130.00 GBP
French Rose RingFrench Rose Ring
French Rose Ring Sale price£95.00 GBP
French Rose CuffFrench Rose Cuff
French Rose Cuff Sale price£120.00 GBP
Fortune Teller EarringsFortune Teller Earrings
Fortune Teller Earrings Sale price£135.00 GBP
Dove RingDove Ring
Dove Ring Sale price£85.00 GBP
Dove NecklaceDove Necklace
Dove Necklace Sale price£150.00 GBP
Dove EarringsDove Earrings
Dove Earrings Sale price£120.00 GBP
Dove CuffDove Cuff
Dove Cuff Sale price£110.00 GBP
Daisy Single RingDaisy Single Ring
Daisy Single Ring Sale price£75.00 GBP
Daisy CuffDaisy Cuff
Daisy Cuff Sale price£120.00 GBP
Daisy Branch RingDaisy Branch Ring
Daisy Branch Ring Sale price£85.00 GBP
Cosmos Hair PinCosmos Hair Pin
Cosmos Hair Pin Sale price£120.00 GBP
Daisy Branch CuffDaisy Branch Cuff
Daisy Branch Cuff Sale price£110.00 GBP
Cosmos EarringsCosmos Earrings
Cosmos Earrings Sale price£130.00 GBP

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