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Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl drop earrings are timeless pieces of jewellery that exude elegance, grace, and refinement. Inherently versatile, these earrings feature a pearl, or several pearls, dropping from the earring base or setting and can beautifully complement both casual and formal outfits. Read More

Materials used in crafting our pearl drop earrings use malleable brass which is then plated with pure 24 carat gold. The pearls themselves come from a range of high quality freshwater pearls, each offering a unique colour and size profile. The luster, size, and overall quality of our pearls significantly influence the aesthetic appeal and value of our earring collections.

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Wave EarringsWave Earrings
Wave Earrings Sale price£135.00 GBP
Starburst Pearl Drop EarringsStarburst Pearl Drop Earrings
Starburst Pearl Drop Earrings Sale price£105.00 GBP
Sparrow EarringsSparrow Earrings
Sparrow Earrings Sale price£110.00 GBP
Purity Pearl Drop EarringsPurity Pearl Drop Earrings
Purity Pearl Drop Earrings Sale price£140.00 GBP
Medusa Pearl DropsMedusa Pearl Drops
Medusa Pearl Drops Sale price£130.00 GBP
Love Calligraphy EarringsLove Calligraphy Earrings
Love Calligraphy Earrings Sale price£110.00 GBP
French Rose Pearl Drop EarringsFrench Rose Pearl Drop Earrings
French Rose Pearl Drop Earrings Sale price£125.00 GBP
Flora Duo EarringsFlora Duo Earrings
Flora Duo Earrings Sale price£130.00 GBP
Daisy Double Pearl EarringsDaisy Double Pearl Earrings
Daisy Double Pearl Earrings Sale price£130.00 GBP
Daisy Branch Pearl EarringsDaisy Branch Pearl Earrings
Daisy Branch Pearl Earrings Sale price£125.00 GBP
Cosmos EarringsCosmos Earrings
Cosmos Earrings Sale price£130.00 GBP
Coral EarringsCoral Earrings
Coral Earrings Sale price£130.00 GBP
Bark EarringsBark Earrings
Bark Earrings Sale price£125.00 GBP

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