Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl drop earrings are timeless pieces of jewellery that exude elegance, grace, and refinement. Inherently versatile, these earrings feature a pearl, or several pearls, dropping from the earring base or setting and can beautifully complement both casual and formal outfits.

Materials used in crafting our pearl drop earrings use malleable brass which is then plated with pure 24 carat gold. The pearls themselves come from a range of high quality freshwater pearls, each offering a unique colour and size profile. The luster, size, and overall quality of our pearls significantly influence the aesthetic appeal and value of our earring collections.

Pearl drop earrings exist in numerous styles, from minimalist single pearl drops to more ornate designs where mini pearls are combined within the intricate design. The innovative designs available today cater to diverse tastes, ensuring there are options for those who prefer both contemporary and traditional looking jewellery.

These earrings are a popular choice for bridal jewellery due to their sophisticated, classic appeal, while simpler designs serve as perfect everyday accessories. Whether given as a gift or worn for a special event, pearl drop earrings mark a timeless balance between fashion and sophistication.


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The antithesis of fast-fashion jewellery

Touch of Pearls creates bold, statement pieces designed to be worn and treasured a lifetime.

Offering a range of chic, everyday jewellery pieces including a luxurious bridal range, we are the go-to for women who want to show off their unique, individual style.

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