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Gold earrings are an essential accessory in nearly every woman's jewellery collection. These timeless jewellery pieces are available in various designs, sizes, and styles to suit different occasions, fashion preferences, and individual budgets.

Crafted from a durable brass a malleable precious metal, there is an array of gold earrings plated with pure 24 carat gold from the Middle East. 

Gold earrings are popular for their versatility and ability to add a touch of elegance or glamour to any ensemble. Gold hoop earrings are ideal for daily wear, while pearl drop earrings with intricate designs add a luxurious touch for special events or celebrations. Creative combinations with freshwater pearls, gemstones and cubic zirconia elevate gold earrings to statement pieces.

Whether a gift or a personal investment, gold earrings remain a popular and timeless choice for expressing individuality, enhancing personal style, and conveying elegance and sophistication.


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The antithesis of fast-fashion jewellery

Touch of Pearls creates bold, statement pieces designed to be worn and treasured a lifetime.

Offering a range of chic, everyday jewellery pieces including a luxurious bridal range, we are the go-to for women who want to show off their unique, individual style.

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