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Inspired by my grandfather who was a pearl diver from Kuwait, my love for pearls and jewellery design flourished at a young age. I wanted to create collections that reflect both my heritage and my passion and love for nature.

I started Touch of Pearls as a chic luxury brand that reflects exceptional empowerment for strong independent women all over the world. I wanted to bring something different and alluring to the UK jewellery market. I want our collections to entitle all women with confidence in the same way it does to me. 

Inspired by my roots, all our jewellery is manufactured by our artisans in the Middle East using the highest quality materials and natural and sustainable metals that are environmentally friendly.

What started as a passion project now has bloomed into serious craft and art. Each collection is produced in limited quantities with planet earth in mind, forging a strong pact with the ever expanding fashion movement. Keeping the local communities delicate and expert manufacturing process at heart. The brand works on supporting and giving back to both the craftsmen and women, through various CSR activities and initiatives and caring for the planet through carbon neutral delivery programmes. 

It is my personal mission to design and create pieces that are uplifting and inspirational, more importantly we want you to tell your story through our jewellery.

Please enjoy wearing them and don't forget to tag us on Instagram @touchofpearlsjewellery.